sound proof canopy

Built to last, our containers are used around the world to maximise on space efficiency and minimise the time and resource needed for on-site installations where rough handling and rugged environments are endured as part of a days work.

    • SOUND PROOFED CONTAINER [button variation=”blue” link=”” size=”medium”] Technical Features [/button]
  • Four sizes are available ; 20, 30, 40 feet and 40 feet High Cube containers.
  • Sandwich minarel wool attenuation for wall and celling.
        • Ribbed aluminium sheet internal floor wall and celling.
        • Large lockable doors.
        • Acoustic baffles for the air inlet and outlet.
        • Corner fittings providing four point lifting capability for full weight
        • Residential silencer with stanless stell flexible bellows
        • Power cale outlet on lower section
        • Celling mounted fluorescent light fittings
        • Blue paint finishing
        • Exterior oil and coolant drains with interior valves for ease of service
        • Eassy access to all major generator and engine control components for servicing
        • Enclosure, generator set, exhaust silencer ensures safety and protects against rust
            • Compact footprint, low profile design